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Pretend Play & Childhood Development

Did you know that our range of wooden toys by American company Melissa & Doug are brilliant for improving your child’s cognitive development?
Melissa & Doug have in recent years become very well known for their quality wooden toys and in particular, their ‘Pretend Play’ collections. It is widely believed and supported by experts in the field of Childhood Development that pretend play is hugely beneficial to a child’s cognitive development and social skills, therefore proving to be a vital component to their overall developmental progress. Between the ages of 2 and 6, psychologists believe that engaging in imaginative play can encourage children to think of situations from different perspectives whilst ‘role play’ situations allow them to learn invaluable social skills like communication, problem solving and empathy. Many studies have also shown that this type of play improves language skills with children demonstrating an increase in their use of adjectives, subjunctives and different tenses.

Our collection of Melissa & Doug’s wooden food play sets are the perfect ‘pretend play’ toys for children from the age of 3. Loved by girls and boys alike, they offer children a selection of props to use for their own make-believe situations – from cooking dinner for the family to running their own restaurant!image

Amongst the most popular toys is the ‘Cutting Food’ play set which comes in a sturdy wooden box for easy storage and contains eight pieces of everyday wooden foods that can be sliced into 25 sections using the included wooden cutting board and knife. The food makes a satisfying “crunch” when children slice through the attaching velcro which gives your child a realistic role play experience. Cutting the food into sections also provides them with a playful introduction to the concepts of “whole,” “part,” and fractions. Equally loved play sets in the Melissa & Doug ‘pretend play’ collection include: Pizza Party, Cutting Fruit, Birthday Party and the Bake & Decorate Cookie Set – all of which can be used with their fabulous Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen.

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